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Our 220g homemade burger patties, blend of our four cuts, are a freshly ground selection of El Gaucho US beef prime cuts. Grounding the Filet USDA Prime, Filet Premium Black Angus, Rib Eye USDA Prime, enriching it with onions and seasoning it with only salt and pepper, allows all burgers this juicy, pure, but flavourful taste.

VND 250,000

Our Mulwarra lamb is premium quality Fresh Australian Range Fed Lamb and Milk Fed Lamb sourced from the prime lamb production areas of South Eastern Australia. Our lamb is processed by two of Australia’s leading lamb processors with a large number of lambs sourced directly from leading grower’s groups. These growers produce lamb recognised as the finest available and they ensure we have a reliable year-round supply of quality lambs. Hand-cut and hand-trimmed by the El Gaucho butchers it is a remarkable Halal certified and mouth-watering lamb chop.

VND 417,000VND 1,390,000

A porterhouse is simply put a New York strip and delicate filet mignon separated by a T-shaped bone (hence it’s other nickname, the mighty T-bone). This is the one time we suggest putting away the cast iron—meat shrinks as it cooks, meaning when seared, a porterhouse’s surface fails to make contact with the pan as the bone begins to jut out. And since the filet side is more prone to overcooking, it can be a challenge getting the entirety of the steak to finish at the same time. Our master grillers know just how to get it right every time!


VND 1,520,000VND 1,900,000